All The Characters Die Within The First 2 Minutes And Then Lie There Motionless For The Rest Of The Film: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Isle Of Dogs’

Thanks to its jaw-dropping stop-motion animation style, ‘Isle Of Dogs’ just might be the most visually beautiful film you see all year. The newest entry into the Wes Anderson canon features a star-studded cast, a whimsical storyline set in Japan, and more than a few adorable, animated canines. If you’re interested in

Spirit Of Easter: When These Parents Didn’t Have Enough Money To Get Their Kids Easter Baskets, Cadbury Gave Them The Go-Ahead On Twitter To Steal Candy From Walmart

If you haven’t already been feeling the joy and excitement of this year’s lead-up to Easter, you’re going to get into the spirit in a big way when you read this story: When these parents didn’t have enough money to get their kids Easter baskets, Cadbury gave them the go-ahead on Twitter to steal candy from Walmart.

Something For Everybody: Chicago’s Planetarium Is Adding An Exhibit About André The Giant For People Who Aren’t Interested In Space

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium has always been the perfect destination for people who love stars and planets, but now the museum is stepping up in a big way to make sure absolutely everyone can enjoy the Adler experience. Chicago’s planetarium is adding a brand-new exhibit about André the Giant for people who aren’t…

Amazing: This Man Is Thanking His Surgeons After They Left A Signed Wayne Gretzky Hockey Stick Inside Him During Surgery

After Mark Hyland had his appendix removed, for days afterward he felt an odd cramp in his stomach. His sutures seemed to be healing fine otherwise, so he returned to the hospital for a follow-up examination, and that’s when he received an incredible surprise. In an amazing act of kindness, his surgeons had left a…

Inspiring: This Bully Keeps Guessing Fat Classmates’ Weights But She’s So Good At It That It Came Back Around To Impressive

Here’s further proof that even when times are tense and trying, kids so often rise above and inspire us all. Take 13-year-old bully Heather Myers, who is turning a potentially heartbreaking situation into something truly amazing: She keeps guessing fat classmates’ weights to be mean, but she’s so good at it that it’s…