Beautiful: This Man Lost 150 Pounds When He Stopped Eating 80 Bags Of Cola-Flavored Gummies A Day, And His Story Will Inspire Anyone With The Same Fucked-Up Situation

If you had met 41-year-old Ray Westfield just a few months ago, you wouldn’t recognize him now. That’s because he’s undergone an amazing personal transformation: He lost 150 pounds after he stopped eating 80 bags of cola-flavored gummies a day, and he’s going to inspire anyone in the same fucked-up situation.

Inspiring: This Video Game Developer Is Making His Employees Work 18-Hour Days And Weekends To Make Sure The Main Character Has A Purple Hat

Among gaming developers, Chase Williams is known as something of a guru—a creative tour de force who’s not afraid to make sacrifices in order to achieve artistic perfection—and his highly anticipated new project, Backyard Bramblz, shows why. According to reports from industry insiders, Williams has been making his…

Inspiring: When This Boy’s School Found Lice In His Hair, His Teachers Began Worshipping Him As A Fertility God Whose Body Can Sustain Life

Teachers are known for going above and beyond for their students, but here’s a story of some educators who truly pulled out all the stops to go the extra mile. When Fairview Elementary third-grader Justin Trinelli found out he had lice, his teachers did something incredibly beautiful: They started worshiping him as a…

Finding Purpose: When Doctors Told This Woman She’d Never Walk Again, She Made It Her Mission To Ensure No One Else Would Either

When Diana Kardum got the diagnosis, it didn’t look good. No one could have expected that a simple slip in the shower could have turned out so dire, but that’s when Diana’s amazing spirit kicked in: When doctors told Diana she’d never walk again, she made it her mission to ensure no one else would either.