A Piece Of History: The Bulletproof Helmet JFK Took Off So He Could Let His Long, Luscious Hair Blow Freely In The Wind On The Day He Died Is Coming To The Smithsonian 

The shocking assassination of President John F. Kennedy is one of the darkest days in U.S. history, and one that irrevocably changed the course of the nation. Now, almost 55 years after Lee Harvey Oswald robbed the country of its young and promising leader, a critical relic from that fateful day will be put on display…

Incredible Discovery: Historians Now Believe That The Egyptians Finished The Pyramids In, Like, A 2-Week Stretch Where They Were In The Zone And It Just Flowed Out Of Them

While historians have long debated how the Great Pyramids were constructed, a new theory has emerged that may put all other arguments to rest: It’s now believed that the Egyptians finished the pyramids in, like, a two-week stretch where they were in the zone and it just flowed out of them.

Could Go Either Way: This Town Doesn’t Know Whether It’s Okay To Tear Down Its Confederate Statue Because It’s Of A Soldier With A Cleft Palate

Across the nation, communities have opted to remove Confederate statues that glorify a violently racist past. While those decisions have come with some controversy, it’s nothing compared to the tough call that Fayetteville, NC is currently trying to make. They don’t know whether it’s okay to tear down a statue of a…

A Piece Of History: The Bird The Wright Brothers Sat On Top Of For Research Is Being Added To The Air And Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., is full of incredible exhibits about the history of flight, but its newest acquisition might be its best one yet! It was just announced that the museum has acquired the bird that the Wright brothers sat on top of in order to research the science of aviation!

A Piece Of History: The Asteroid That Hit JFK In The Nuts So Hard He Died Will Be On Display At The Smithsonian For A Monthlong Exhibit

The untimely death of President John F. Kennedy shocked a nation, and America stills mourns the fallen leader as a lost symbol of hope and progress. Now, more than 50 years after President Kennedy’s death, a crucial piece of history from that tragic day will be on display for the public: For the first time in decades,…

Collectors Rejoice! Topps Just Released A Limited-Edition Hall Of Famers Pack That Includes Each Legend’s Stance On Abortion

If you’re baseball card collector, then get ready for some absolutely incredible news. The world-renowned card manufacturer Topps just announced that it will be producing a limited-edition set of Hall of Famer baseball cards that include each legendary player’s stance on the controversial issue of abortion.

Education FTW! The Latest McGraw-Hill History Textbook Includes A Chapter On The Time McGraw And Hill Took The Greatest Road Trip Of All Time

It seems like no matter how hard publishers try to make history books comprehensive, they always end up leaving some important stuff out. But at last, one textbook company is dedicating some attention to a pivotal event that has been excluded from too many historical narratives. McGraw-Hill’s new history textbook will…