How Many Of These Things Have You Overheard A Group Of Doctors Somberly Whisper While Examining Your Medical Charts?

Every now and then you’ll go to the doctor’s office and a group of physicians will start looking at your medical charts while shaking their heads and whispering in very serious tones. How many things have you heard doctors solemnly murmur to each other while looking over your medical info? Take this quiz to find out!

Damning Reveal: Trump’s Former Doctor Has Admitted That The President Ghostwrote His Glowing Account Of Adventuring Through Trump’s Body In A Microscopic Submarine

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump routinely touted his excellent physical health as a reason for why he was more fit for office than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. However, it now appears that Trump’s lofty claims about his superior health might just be yet another fabrication, as the president’s…

Beautiful: This Man Lost 150 Pounds When He Stopped Eating 80 Bags Of Cola-Flavored Gummies A Day, And His Story Will Inspire Anyone With The Same Fucked-Up Situation

If you had met 41-year-old Ray Westfield just a few months ago, you wouldn’t recognize him now. That’s because he’s undergone an amazing personal transformation: He lost 150 pounds after he stopped eating 80 bags of cola-flavored gummies a day, and he’s going to inspire anyone in the same fucked-up situation.

Amazing Sacrifice: A Trembling Dr. Oz Allowed The Audience To Consume Him After Realizing That His Body Is The Ultimate Superfood

One of television’s most beloved health gurus has made an unbelievable sacrifice for his fans: A trembling Dr. Oz just allowed his audience to consume him after realizing that his body is the ultimate superfood.

Absolutely inspiring. It’s amazing to see a celebrity who’s willing to make the utmost sacrifice for the…

Stay Healthy: The American Medical Association Recommends Office Workers Prevent Workplace Stress By Taking A Life-Changing Journey To The Taj Mahal Every 30 Minutes

It’s no secret that office jobs can take a serious toll on your mental health, and can induce a variety of disorders including anxiety and depression. Thankfully, though, the American Medical Association has released a new set of guidelines to help you cope: It’s recommending office workers prevent workplace stress by…