‘If You Look Closely In The Scene Where Elisa Makes Love To The Amphibian Man, You Can See The Virgin Mary Sitting On The Toilet Smiling In Approval’: 5 Questions With Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo del Toro proved himself to be one of the biggest creative forces in filmmaking long before he won two Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director this year for ‘The Shape Of Water.’ From visual feasts like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ to tentpole blockbusters ‘Pacific Rim,’ del Toro’s films are rife with as much heart as

Del Toro Insisted He Make All The Water With His Own Body: Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Shape Of Water’

Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, The Shape Of Water, may star an aquatic monster, but the story it tells about the love between it and Elisa, a woman who encounters it while working in a military lab during the Cold War, is deeply human. On the heels of this masterpiece’s 13 Oscar nominations, here’s everything you