America’s Middle Class Is Being Erased By Income Inequality Like The Scientists Erased From Existence After The Clone-otaur Changes The Past In My Screenplay ‘Chronotaur 3: Hoof Of History’

These days, ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet while the rich grow ever richer. Our economy is tilted in favor of millionaires and billionaires, thanks to unfair laws that let plutocrats exploit their workers and pay almost nothing in taxes. Unless we take immediate action to fix income inequality, it’s…

Del Toro Insisted He Make All The Water With His Own Body: Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Shape Of Water’

Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, The Shape Of Water, may star an aquatic monster, but the story it tells about the love between it and Elisa, a woman who encounters it while working in a military lab during the Cold War, is deeply human. On the heels of this masterpiece’s 13 Oscar nominations, here’s everything you

‘There’s A Third Coen Brother Whose Only Job Is To Make Sure Everybody Has Sunscreen On’: 5 Questions With Frances McDormand

After making a splash with her Oscar win for Fargo in 1996, Frances McDormand vowed only to take projects that she felt genuinely attracted to, including starring roles on Broadway, a handful of Coen brother movies, and now Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. On the heels of her fifth Oscar nomination, the

Inclusivity Win! Mr. Incredible Will Be Played By An Asian-American In An Upcoming ‘The Incredibles’ Porn Parody

It’s no secret that the film industry has a diversity problem. Movie producers just aren’t willing to cast minority actors in lead roles. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear that the upcoming The Incredibles porn parody The Incredibangers just cast an Asian-American actor in the lead role of Mr. Incredible.

What I Learned About Race From Going To See ‘Get Out,’ Learning It Was Sold Out, And Going To See ‘Lego Batman’ Instead

Last night I finally went to my local movie theater to go see the movie Get Out, the popular thriller that has been widely praised for examining painful and complex truths about the relationship between white people and black people in the United States. Unfortunately, Get Out was sold out, and so I had to buy a…