Are You Being Forced To Move To A New School Several Times A Year Because Your Dad’s In The Army Or Because He Loves The Army?

When your family moves around a lot, sometimes it can be hard to tell if it’s because your dad is in the Army or if your dad just loves the Army so much that he constantly uproots his family to be closer to it. Take this quiz to finally find out if your dad serves in the military, or he’s just in love with it.

Heartbreaking: This Economist Broke Down In Tears On CNN After Seeing A Line Graph Depicting The Economic Impact Of Locking Migrant Families In Detention Centers

In an incredibly emotional moment, Princeton professor of economics Calvin Ableson went on CNN last night and broke down while explaining a graph that depicted the negative economic impact of removing migrant families from their homes and communities and locking them in state-run detention facilities.

7 Foolproof Tips For Passing Your Daughter Off As A Crawfish So You Only Have To Buy One Disneyland Pass

After a few days in Disneyland, your children will love you forever, but your bank account may never forgive you. Luckily, there’s a neat trick that can help you cut some serious costs from your trip. Here are seven simple tips for passing your daughter off as a crawfish so you can get away with only buying a single…

Extremely Frustrating: This Man Is Tired Of His Elderly Parents Calling Him For Technology Help Every Time Their Android Servant Becomes Self-Aware And Tries To Rip Their Skin Off

As your parents age, it’s only natural to want to help them in any way you can, but sometimes their inability to master the latest technology can seriously drive you crazy. No one knows that better than Bryan Glover, who is tired of his elderly parents calling him for help every time their android servant becomes…

A Beautiful Reunion: This High School Football Player Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Removed His Helmet To Reveal That He Was His Father Who Had Been Fighting In Afghanistan For The Past 2 Years

Brace yourself for a good cry, because it’s impossible not to be moved by this beautiful reunion: This high school football player got the surprise of a lifetime when he removed his helmet to reveal that he was his father who had been fighting in Afghanistan for the past two years.

What an absolutely incredible moment!


My Grandfather Came To This Country With Nothing But His Juicy Couture Sweatpants And The Perfect Ass To Fill Those Things Out

It’s difficult to fathom the hardships my immigrant ancestors faced coming to America, leaving behind everything they knew to build a new life from scratch in a foreign land. Yet millions of people did exactly that, including my grandfather. He succeeded in creating a better life for himself in America against…

Unlocking The Past: Now Tells You Which Of Your Ancestors Were So Hot It Would’ve Been Pretty Hard To Resist Committing Incest With Them

There’s been an absolute explosion in services offering a deep dive into the minutiae of your family tree. If you’ve been itching to try one, we may have found your next obsession: will now tell you which of your ancestors were so hot it would’ve been hard to resist committing incest with them!

Heartbreaking: This Elderly Woman’s Family Thinks She’s Lying About The Fact That ALF Is A Janitor At Her Nursing Home And Sometimes Bullies Her

Between the loneliness, the health issues, and the loss of independence, life for residents of eldercare facilities can often be demoralizing. And it can be even more demoralizing when one’s most vital support systems fail them in their time of need, which is why this story is so devastating: This elderly woman’s…

Customer Service FTW: JCPenney Portrait Studios Will Now Provide A Mopey Teen Who Will Sit For Your Family Photo If Your Own Mopey Teen Refuses To Get Out Of The Car

If you’re the parent of a teenager, get ready to stand up and cheer, because the incredible people at JCPenney just made one of the most frustrating family errands about a million times easier. Starting this month, JCPenney Portrait Studios will now provide a mopey teen who will sit for your family photo if your own…