Poor Kid: Eddie Vedder Just Said Something Rude About Donald Trump So Now This 8-Year-Old Has To Listen To His Dad Yell About Eddie Vedder For 2 Weeks

Well, this isn’t going to be fun. It looks like the next couple of weeks will probably be a bit rough for 8-year-old Jayden Corlett, because his dad found out that Eddie Vedder said something rude about Donald Trump and now he’s got to endure his dad constantly complaining about Eddie Vedder for the foreseeable future.

Sasha And Malia Refuse To Smoke Cigarettes With Me, So I Will Never Speak To Them Again (By Barack Obama)

I’ve always said that serving as the 44th president of the United States was the second most important job I’ve ever had, right behind being a parent. Raising my two daughters, Sasha and Malia, was the most challenging task I’ve ever taken on, and ultimately the most rewarding. That’s why it is so upsetting to…

Major Backfire: This 13-Year-Old’s Attempts To Untag Himself From All Facebook Pictures With His 400-Pound Aunt Have Only Made His Friends More Fascinated With Her

Appearances are everything for teenagers, but sometimes their efforts to control how they’re perceived by their peers can majorly backfire. This is a lesson that 13-year-old Jackson Orrin is learning the hard way, as all his attempts to untag himself from Facebook pictures with his 400-pound aunt have only made his…

Incredible: This High Schooler With A Father Stationed In Iraq Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime On Graduation Day When He Accidentally Walked In On His Mom Showering

Seventeen-year-old Josh O’Neil woke up the morning of his high school graduation feeling bittersweet. While he was excited to reach such an important milestone in his life, he was also sad knowing that his father—a U.S. Marine stationed in Iraq—wouldn’t be there to witness it. But little did he know that he would soon…

Are You Being Forced To Move To A New School Several Times A Year Because Your Dad’s In The Army Or Because He Loves The Army?

When your family moves around a lot, sometimes it can be hard to tell if it’s because your dad is in the Army or if your dad just loves the Army so much that he constantly uproots his family to be closer to it. Take this quiz to finally find out if your dad serves in the military, or he’s just in love with it.

Heartbreaking: This Economist Broke Down In Tears On CNN After Seeing A Line Graph Depicting The Economic Impact Of Locking Migrant Families In Detention Centers

In an incredibly emotional moment, Princeton professor of economics Calvin Ableson went on CNN last night and broke down while explaining a graph that depicted the negative economic impact of removing migrant families from their homes and communities and locking them in state-run detention facilities.