How Many Of These Things Have You Overheard A Group Of Doctors Somberly Whisper While Examining Your Medical Charts?

Every now and then you’ll go to the doctor’s office and a group of physicians will start looking at your medical charts while shaking their heads and whispering in very serious tones. How many things have you heard doctors solemnly murmur to each other while looking over your medical info? Take this quiz to find out!

The Doctors Told Her That Her Husband Would Never Walk Again. Then The Conversation Lightened Up A Bit And They Told Her About A Great New Bagel Place.

When Emma Schreiber arrived at Roxborough Memorial Hospital last week, she was absolutely heartbroken. Her husband, Michael, had just been in a gruesome motorcycle accident, and after 10 hours of surgery, she learned some gut-wrenching news: Doctors told her that her husband would never walk again, but then later as…

I Thought I’d Never Walk Again, And After A Real Birdbrain Move On My Nephew’s Trampoline, I’m Sure Of It

No one teaches you how to react when doctors tell you you’ll likely be confined to a wheelchair after a serious car accident. I initially thought my life was over, but then I decided to fight for my mobility, no matter how small the odds. For weeks it seemed like I would never walk again, and after a real birdbrain…