Disturbing Trend: Teens Are Knocking All Their Teeth Out To Look More Like How They Imagine Emma Stone Will Look In 75 Years

There’s a terrible new trend sweeping the nation’s youth, and unfortunately it’s only gaining momentum. If you haven’t heard about it yet, your son or daughter certainly has: Teens across the nation are knocking out all of their teeth in order to look how they imagine Emma Stone will look in 75 years.

Getting Out Ahead Of This One: Uber Has Apologized In Advance If Anyone Finds Out About Something Called ‘Project Judas’

From price gouging to workplace discrimination and driver mistreatment, Uber has been no stranger to controversy in recent years, but it appears an even more damning scandal may now be brewing. Earlier today, the company publicly apologized in advance in case anyone ends up finding out about something called “Project…

Security Failure: President Obama Has Been Sitting Alone In The Kansas City International Airport For The Past 4 Days

We’re lucky that the president is safe and sound today, after those in charge of protecting him failed in a massive way to do just that. According to a White House spokesperson, President Obama was left completely alone in the Kansas City International Airport for the past four days, before Secret Service agents…