Double Tragedy: When This Frat Pledge Had To Be Rushed To The Hospital For Alcohol Poisoning, Frat Brothers Pressured His Doctor Into Drinking A Handle Of Rum And They Both Died

Last night, an unfortunate tragedy occurred that has left the entire University of Michigan campus reeling. When a fraternity pledge had to be rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, his frat brothers pressured his doctor into drinking a handle of rum and they both died.

Sacred Tradition: The Rich Blond Girls From College Have Embarked On Their Yearly Pilgrimage To Aspen To Get Drunk On A Mountain Before Noon

Many ancient traditions fade away over time, which is why it’s so amazing to see a group of people loyally keeping one of their most sacred rituals alive: The rich blond girls from college have embarked on their yearly pilgrimage to Aspen to get drunk before noon on top of a mountain.

Incredible Opportunity! Harvard University Is Now Offering A Tree-Climbing Program For Country Boys Who Were Never Much For Book Learnin’

Harvard has long prided itself on providing cutting-edge curriculum to the best and brightest students, but it’s managed to set the bar even higher with the addition of its most recent curriculum. As of this year, Harvard University is now offering a tree-climbing program for country boys who were never much for book…

Sorry: This Feel-Good Story About A Fraternity Helping Veterans With PTSD Isn’t Quite Enough To Change Your View On Frats

Earlier this week, the Clemson University chapter of Delta Kappa Tau held a benefit to help veterans with PTSD. The event went off without a hitch, raising both awareness and money for some American heroes in need. The efforts of these college students were truly admirable and inspiring, but unfortunately not nearly…