Poor Kid: Eddie Vedder Just Said Something Rude About Donald Trump So Now This 8-Year-Old Has To Listen To His Dad Yell About Eddie Vedder For 2 Weeks

Well, this isn’t going to be fun. It looks like the next couple of weeks will probably be a bit rough for 8-year-old Jayden Corlett, because his dad found out that Eddie Vedder said something rude about Donald Trump and now he’s got to endure his dad constantly complaining about Eddie Vedder for the foreseeable future.

Jumping The Gun: This Kid On A Road Trip Just Started Pissing Into A Bottle Without Even Asking His Parents To Find Him A Bathroom Or Anything

A family from Eau Claire, WI is currently experiencing a baffling and unsettling situation in the middle of its interstate road trip. After just 15 minutes in the car, 9-year-old Brandon Francis just started pissing into a bottle without even asking his parents to find a bathroom or anything.

Disloyal Piece Of Shit: This Middle Schooler Casually Switched From Playing The Clarinet To The Alto Saxophone, So He’ll Almost Certainly Cheat On His Wife Someday

Well, here’s a tale of low-down scumbaggery that’s going to make your blood boil: This middle schooler casually switched from playing the clarinet to the alto saxophone, so he’ll almost certainly cheat on his wife someday.

What an absolute sack of shit this kid is going to be.

Sixth-grader Noah Thompson had spent a full…

Complete Disaster: This Middle School Had A Sex Ed Assembly About The Importance Of Microwaving Condoms Before And After Intercourse And The Guest Speaker Tried To Break A Cinder Block With His Head And Gave Himself A Concussion

An absolute train wreck just unfolded at Lakewood Middle School in Bethesda, Maryland. All of the students were called into the gym for a sex ed assembly about the importance of microwaving condoms before and after intercourse and the guest speaker tried to break a cinder block with his head and gave himself a…

Entering A New Market: Listerine Has Asked Anyone Who Is Planning To Clean The Viscera Off A Newborn Baby In A Bucket Of Mouthwash To Choose Listerine

If you’re an expectant mother trying to put together the perfect birth plan, one of the biggest names in oral hygiene has a new initiative you might find interesting: Listerine is asking anyone who intends to clean the viscera off their newborn baby in a bucket of mouthwash to choose Listerine.