Beautiful: This Man Lost 150 Pounds When He Stopped Eating 80 Bags Of Cola-Flavored Gummies A Day, And His Story Will Inspire Anyone With The Same Fucked-Up Situation

If you had met 41-year-old Ray Westfield just a few months ago, you wouldn’t recognize him now. That’s because he’s undergone an amazing personal transformation: He lost 150 pounds after he stopped eating 80 bags of cola-flavored gummies a day, and he’s going to inspire anyone in the same fucked-up situation.

6 Beautiful Pieces Of Jewelry That Lorenzo The Street Urchin Stole From Tourists To Put On His Sleeping Uncle Matteo So He Would Wake Up Feeling Like A King

O, sweet Lorenzo! He may not know right from wrong, but beneath his inborn vagrant nature flickers an ember of nobler tendency. Here are six pieces of beautiful jewelry that he stole to put on his dear sleeping Uncle Matteo so the weary old man would wake up feeling like a king.

Heartbreaking: This Incredibly Loyal Paparazzo Still Waits Outside The Dry Cleaner Amy Winehouse Used To Use

You may want to grab some tissues, because you’re probably going to need them. There’s a paparazzo in London who’s so devoted to his favorite subject that it’s as touching as it is downright tragic: The sad soul can be found seven days a week, 365 days a year—rain or shine—haunting the alleyway outside Amy Winehouse’s…