Brands, take note. Hereā€™s a lesson in how NOT to tweet. Applebeeā€™s just had to issue an apology after tweeting that 9/11 was a ā€œbig moodā€ with a picture of a hamburger.

Someoneā€™s definitely getting fired over this.

It all started when Applebeeā€™s proved once again that brands should leave the memes to everyone else by lobbing this ill-advised tweet onto the timelines of their 636,000 followers:


Itā€™s still unclear what Applebeeā€™s was trying to say by referring to the September 11 terrorist attacks as a ā€œbig moodā€ or what the accompanying picture of an unadorned hamburger had to do with it all, but it sure is regretting it now. The fast-casual restaurantā€™s ill-advised foray into Twitter memes was immediately met with a public outcry and calls for the company to apologize, which it eventually did:


Yikes. This is a social media fail for the ages. Maybe time to log off, Applebeeā€™s.