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Brace yourself, because this story is almost too embarrassing to bear: This girl who left math class to go to the bathroom for 20 minutes was clearly giving birth to octuplets and absolutely everyone in her class can tell.

Yikes. This is so humiliating. If you leave class to go to the bathroom for more than a few minutes and re-enter holding eight babies, everyone’s going to know you weren’t just peeing.


Twenty minutes after South Lehigh High School sophomore Rachel Leopold grabbed the bathroom pass and walked out of pre-calculus, she quietly re-entered the room with her head down, clearly hoping no one would notice the octuplets in her arms as she returned the pass to the teacher’s desk. Thanks to the audible cries of her eight newborn babies, all of Rachel’s attempts to conceal the fact that she had just given birth to eight children were completely futile. It was obvious to everyone in class.

Damn. Delivering your octuplets is definitely the kind of thing you want to take care of outside of school—having to do it in the middle of class is just straight up mortifying.

Although the teacher tried to help Rachel by giving her a sweatshirt, it only made it more obvious that she had suddenly returned to class with eight screaming children since the sweatshirt only covered about half of the babies. Worse still, when the the student sitting behind her snickered and whispered, “Did you just give birth to octuplets in the bathroom?” Rachel defensively said that she was peeing and just happened to find eight babies in her stall, despite the fact that all of the kids looked like her and one of them was still attached to the umbilical cord dangling out of her skirt.

Wow. It’s going to be hard for Rachel to bounce back from this major faux pas. Here’s hoping that next time she’s pregnant with octuplets, she’s able to hold off on giving birth to eight identical children until after school is over.


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