Score! ‘The New York Times’ Has A Bunch Of Fresh New Articles Today

Get stoked, because, as of this morning, the internet has been blessed with a totally amazing surprise: The New York Times has a ton of brand-new articles today.

Hell yes! The paper of record is practically stuffed to the gills full of never-before-seen articles about current events.


If you haven’t checked out The New York Times lately, stop what you’re doing and hop over to its front page pronto, because it’s delivered a nonstop buffet of news this morning. Times reporters truly outdid themselves this time by publishing over a dozen piping hot, totally fresh news articles for our reading pleasure. No matter what kind of news you could ask for today, they have it: world news, op-eds, book reviews, travel, politics, T magazine—they’ve got it all and more! You’d think it would take them years to churn out this many articles, but they did it in just one day like the true news geniuses they are. Bravo, NYT!

Best of all, these articles aren’t just words—some also include beautiful pictures you can look at for hours! Hot damn, Christmas came early!

Clear your calendar for today, because you could read 10 or even 15 articles and still not even be close to finished! Kudos to The New York Times for upping the ante in journalism yet again. Happy reading, everyone!

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