Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled Royal Wedding Watch: The Officiant Just Asked All Of The Eunuchs Present To Please Rise, And Now Pretty Much All But 3 Guys Are Standing

Continuing a beautiful, centuries-old tradition of royal weddings, the officiant just moments ago asked if all eunuchs in attendance would please rise and make themselves known, and to the delight of viewers worldwide, pretty much all but three guys are now standing. Foremost among the eunuchs is his highness Prince Philip, who, as you’ll recall, bestowed his sovereign testicles unto Prince William at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton. As moving as that gesture was, it can’t top this present spectacle of hundreds of genital-less men standing grinning and wide-eyed beneath the majestic arches of St. George’s Chapel, their ladylike voices all declaring “It is I!” in perfect unison. It is indeed one that will linger in the hearts of all who have witnessed it for the remainder of their days.

Wow. Anyone else have goosebumps?

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