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At a time when many brands are frantically trying to revamp their public images to stay afloat in today’s increasingly grim retail economy, one classic fixture of American malls seems to be sticking to its guns: Dressbarn has announced that it plans to just continue being called that.

Fair enough, Dressbarn. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Saying that “it’s a perfectly good name” and that it is very proud of it, the women’s clothing retailer released a statement earlier today affirming its commitment to the Dressbarn moniker, adding that it has served them well for over 50 years and that it’s still got a great ring to it. While marketing experts might argue that there are some issues with a fashion outlet name that inherently likens female shoppers to livestock, Dressbarn defended its branding as practical, timeless, and evocative of its style.


“It’s a great name because when consumers see the words ‘dress’ and ‘barn,’ they know exactly what to expect: a large indoor space where there are clothes for women,” said the company, noting that the only name that could possibly be more effective is “Dressstore,” but that might be a little too on the nose. “When women see competitor stores like Kohl’s and Lane Bryant, they become confused and upset because the names don’t give them any indication of what to expect inside. For all they know, they could be walking into a restaurant or a pornography theater. With a name like Dressbarn, there’s no ambiguity whatsoever, and our customers are thankful for that.”

Wow! Kudos to Dressbarn for staying true to who it is. Here’s hoping its name will continue to serve it well for years to come.

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