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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
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One little boy is smiling a little brighter today thanks to the awesome work of an incredibly big-hearted plastic surgeon. Dr. Bryan Spade changed a lucky child’s life this week when he fixed his cleft palate by giving him a nose job, a face lift, and ass implants.

Absolutely beautiful! This is the kind of heartwarming story the world needs more of!


Born with a cleft palate, 8-year-old Jordan had always felt self-conscious about his appearance, but that all changed yesterday when Dr. Spade gave him a perfect button nose, tightened the skin on his face, and filled out his previously flat and unremarkable ass. Bullied and teased most of his life because of the rare birth defect, Jordan was given hope for a normal life with Dr. Spade’s incredible procedure, which also included hair plugs; a neck lift; and permanent, tattooed eyebrows.

So heartwarming! And is Jordan not the most handsome little guy in the world!?

However, while an awesome start, the procedure didn’t completely fix Jordan’s palate, and some additional work is still needed. Dr. Spade will have him in next month for a follow-up laser hair removal and pectoral implant surgery to further repair his cleft palate. Then a month after that, Jordan will return for a tummy tuck, an eyelid lift, laser resurfacing, a saline forehead injection, and an ear reduction surgery, at which point Dr. Spade’s amazing work will be done and Jordan will finally be able to get back to just being a kid!

Best of all, not only has Dr. Spade completely transformed Jordan’s life, he’s already scheduled him to come back in every two years for a Botox re-up to ensure the cleft palate stays fixed forever!

Seriously, this is so awesome. Thousands of children around the world are born with cleft palates each year, and it’s so good to know there are amazing doctors out there like Dr. Spade who are dedicated to making a difference in their lives!


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