Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
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A heartbreaking spectacle is currently taking place during a sixth-grade math test at Peterson Elementary. Student Elaine Marquez is using her arms to carefully shield her answers from view, apparently unaware that she’s one of the dumbest kids in class.

This is just tragic. Watching Elaine guard her wildly inaccurate answers as if anyone would ever want to steal them is simply devastating. Every kid in the class knows they’re better off guessing the answers randomly than trying to cheat off this kid, but she must think she’s on a role or something, because she’s spent the entire test hunched over her paper in some sort of misguided attempt to shield her work from thieves that simply do not exist. It’s pretty depressing.


Seriously, considering this girl’s reputation among her classmates, she could fill out her entire test on the overhead projector and nobody in the room would even glance at it. Nevertheless, Elaine has decided she needs to make her hands into a little tent to cover her paper like she’s the reincarnation of Pythagoras who just uncovered some profound and hidden secret of the universe. If she knew how many kids sitting in her general vicinity have looked over at her test paper and thought, “Yeah, no thanks,” she’d be completely gutted.

As if this whole situation weren’t tragic enough, Elaine just handed in her test and put her paper on the teacher’s desk face-down as if any of her classmates would see her name at the top of the page and even consider trying to copy her answers at the last minute. Hopefully she’ll overcome her delusion soon and realize there’s no need for her to go through all that trouble to guard answers nobody wants, because this is honestly pretty hard to watch.

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