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Find Out What Melinda Gates, Liam Neeson, And Dame Judi Dench Have To Say

Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:

"He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever known. Before we met, I was trying to sell these batteries that looked like caterpillars. I still think it’s a good idea, but I’ll probably have to wait for him to die to get back into it."


—Melinda Gates
On her husband, Bill

"There’ve been a lot of rumors going around lately about the way I eat my lunch. I’d like to confront those rumors head-on: I eat my lunch very fast."

—Liam Neeson
On gossip


"Sometimes when I’m eating chips, I throw them on the ground and say, ‘Who dropped the chips?!’ Then I treat myself to a chip, because it is only me who knows I was the one who dropped them."

—Dame Judi Dench
On excitement


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