Definitely A Psychopath: This Kid Just Chose To Paint A Regular White Plate At His Friend’s Ceramic Painting Party

A deeply troubling situation is currently unfolding at 9-year-old Charlie DiMarie’s ceramic painting party, where one child is currently doing something truly psychotic that has left everyone around him pretty unsettled: While all the other children were working on rainbow piggy banks or polka-dotted mugs with glitter and sparkles, this kid decided to spend the entire party painting a regular white ceramic plate with nothing but more white paint.

Jesus Christ. This definitely seems like the sort of thing you think back to when a kid grows up to be a murderer later in life.


The insane child in question is Jeremy Pearson, who seemed totally normal up until it was time for all the kids to pick a ceramic item to paint and Jeremy went straight for a nondescript dinner plate that he excitedly declared he was going to paint “as blank as I can.” When Jeremy went to choose his paints, several adults tried to offer him cool colors to use, but he refused them all and instead asked for “three different bottles of white paint,” which he then mixed together to get a color he repeatedly referred to as “Absolute Blank.”

It seems like maybe this kid’s idea of fun is just the color white on a plate, and if that’s true, something is absolutely wrong with him.

At one point it looked like Jeremy might be adding some decoration to his plate when he grabbed a butterfly-shaped stencil, but then he just used it to paint a white butterfly onto a white background, which was oddly terrifying to watch. Later, when someone asked Jeremy if he was planning to give the plate to his dad or something, he calmly replied, “The plate is for no one,” and continued painting in silence.

Probably the most disturbing thing Jeremy did all day, however, was at the end of the party, when he finished painting, held up his plate, and whispered “It is perfect, now it is complete” to nobody in particular with his eyes closed.


After watching Jeremy paint his plain white plate, there’s little doubt that there is something not entirely right with this kid. People should definitely keep a close eye on this tiny little madman, because it’s pretty clear that this child is completely unhinged.

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