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Chance Of A Lifetime: Millions Of Children Are Buying Barbasol In Bulk After Barbasol Announced 5 Lucky Children Will Win A Trip To Get Shaved At Their Factory

If you’ve recently noticed Barbasol flying off the shelves at your local stores, you’re not alone, and it turns out there’s a pretty incredible reason behind it: Millions of children are buying Barbasol in bulk after the company announced that five lucky children will win a trip to get shaved at their factory.

Wow! This is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Early last week, Barbasol made the unprecedented announcement that they’d hidden five golden razor blades under the caps of five special shaving cream canisters, and that any child lucky enough to find a winning can would be given a free shave at the Ashland, OH factory where Barbasol is made. Since the announcement, millions of hopeful kids around the world have emptied out their piggy banks and stampeded into supermarkets and pharmacies in a mad scramble to buy up as much Barbasol as they can before the remaining golden razor blades are claimed. It’s not every day that you see kids bounding down the sidewalk with as many cans of Barbasol as their little arms can carry, but then again it’s not every day that they can win the chance to receive a close yet irritation-free shave while looking at the very stainless steel vats and quality control inspection lines responsible for bringing Barbasol into the world.


Just imagine the heart-stopping thrill of pulling the lid off your Barbasol to find that golden razor blade gleaming back at you!

“Our five contest winners will receive a half-hour guided tour of the Barbasol factory before being seated in a barber’s chair and given a shave by a real Barbasol employee using real Barbasol products,” wrote Barbasol in the announcement on their website. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s no telling what fantastical shaving cream prototypes the winners will get to try—there could be Barbasol formulas with a new lemon-lime scent or even Barbasol shaving gels!

Three lucky youngsters have already managed to pull a winning can, including one eager young fellow who says that shaving supplies are normally stretched so thin at his house that all four of his grandparents have to shave with just one razor. But millions of kids out there are still hoping to find those last two golden razor blades, and you can expect utter pandemonium in every toiletries aisle in the world until they’re finally found.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a kid who loves Barbasol. Best of luck to all the children hoping that the next can of Barbasol they open will be the one to make their wildest dreams come true!


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