Since his tragic death in 1994, Kurt Cobainā€™s fans have wondered about all the great things he couldā€™ve achieved had he lived, but now thanks to one amazing painter, it almost feels as if the singer is still with us: This artist imagined what it would be like if Kurt Cobain had lived long enough to get both his hands stuck in beehives.

Wow. What a powerful glimpse into what mightā€™ve been.

Visual artist and lifelong Nirvana fan Joanne Bredesen made the touching tribute to Cobain after realizing that it could be comforting for people to see what it might look like if the late rocker hadnā€™t died but had instead gone on to do excruciatingly painful things in order to satisfy his desperate craving for honey. She wanted to create a portrait that not only honored the singerā€™s legacy, but also helped provide closure to the millions of fans who never got to see him agonize over how to free himself from the thousands of angry bees heā€™d provoked, and the result is incredible.


Itā€™s a bittersweet, haunting depiction of the man Kurt Cobain never got the chance to become, and Bredesenā€™s attention to detail is stunning. From the resigned expression on the singerā€™s face as he realizes help wonā€™t come, to the distressed fluttering of the beesā€™ wings as they defensively sting him in confusion, she has beautifully rendered a world where one of the greatest songwriters of the past century has lived long enough to realize his true potential. Close your eyes, and you can almost hear the amazing music that having both hands stung thousands of times in an ill-conceived gambit for honey wouldā€™ve inspired.


What a stirring tribute to an artist who left us far too soon. While Cobain sadly didnā€™t live long enough to get his hands stuck deep in beehives and run panickedly around the woods screaming, ā€œOuchie, ouchie, me no likey!ā€ this painting lets usā€”if just for a momentā€”believe that he did.