What Is Your Knowledge Of An Egg?

Is your knowledge of an Egg huge? Or is it merely empty? Take this quiz to find out for sure.

  1. 1. Let’s begin with the basic question of understanding about an Egg: Do you know what is an Egg?
  2. 2. Okay. Let’s keep getting started. In terms of an Egg, where does an Egg come from?
  3. 3. What is the name of the special glob who hides in an Egg?

  4. 4. Please take a moment to understand at the following Egg:

    Please select the duck that hatches from this Egg:
  5. 5. Please allow your mind to be swallowed by the following ghost poem from The New York Times:

    One time during hockey,
    An Egg had two mouths and
    One of the mouths said,
    “Yahtzee, motherfucker.”

    Is this ghost poem true?
  6. 6. What is the house of the water called of an Egg?
  7. 7. Please be silent while I unleash a photograph depicting an Egg-related catastrophe:

    Can you describe what is happening to an Egg in this picture?
  • Results for What Is Your Knowledge Of An Egg?

    You have huge knowledge of an Egg!

    Wow! Very incredible! You have enormous knowledge of an Egg! When the professors come to your house and say, “What about an Egg?” you tell them, “Yes, yes, yes, I know all about an Egg and so here are some informations regarding the brittle oval of breakfast,” and then you announce the secrets of an Egg loudly and with fury and the knowledge of an Egg permeates all the canyons and valleys and sewers of the world until all the world is bathing in the knowledge of an Egg and all its mysteries are laid bare for all to see and mankind goes insane in a breakfast kind of way because of how much they know about an Egg. Thank you for doing this for us.
  • Results for What Is Your Knowledge Of An Egg?

    You have Middle’s knowledge of an Egg!

    Very cool! It turns out that your brain holds Middle’s knowledge regarding an Egg! When the police come to your house and ask you, “What about an Egg?” you can talk for around 15 minutes about an Egg. You tell them about the parts of the Egg and the names of the ducks that live inside of its brittle armor, but then you say, “That’s all I know about an Egg. There’s maybe more, but I neither know nor care,” and then the police say, “Sounds good,” and all the policemen go to sleep in your bed and they dream about how you kind of understand an Egg a little bit but not entirely, and it’s the best dream they ever had. Thanks!
  • Results for What Is Your Knowledge Of An Egg?

    You have empty knowledge of an Egg!

    Yikes! It turns out that your knowledge of an Egg is completely empty! You don’t know the first thing about an Egg, and that’s as terrible as it is healthy. When the most handsome man in the world finds you in the dungeon and says, “Tell me just one thing about an Egg,” you say, “Buhhh,” like an idiot, and then you go to sleep right there on the ground. And the most handsome man in the world weeps and tugs at his mustache in anguish because you failed to give to him the knowledge of an Egg. This is the misery that you have brought into the world just by being you. Congratulations!

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