What Did You Think Of My Screenplay?

If you’ve had a chance to read it, I would really appreciate your honest feedback.

  1. 1. Did you get a chance to take a look at it?
  2. 2. So?
  3. 3. Really? Did you get how Jake’s descent into the criminal underworld parallels Oedipus’ descent into the mythical underworld?

  4. 4. I had Emma Watson in mind when I was writing the character “Glitch.” I wanted there to be a strong female lead for a change, you know?
  5. 5. So, any notes? Feedback? Your honest opinion is really important to me, so don’t hold back, I can take it.
  6. 6. Oh? I mean, that was definitely intentional. It’s a pretty complex plot; did you have trouble following it?

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    You loved it? Thanks!

    I really respect your opinion; it means a lot that you were so honest with me. Do you know anybody you could get it in front of? Didn’t you say your old roommate works on commercials? Maybe he knows somebody. Here, I have a couple extra copies. Thanks again, you’re definitely going to be my date to the premiere!
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    “A Good First Attempt?”

    Yikes, talk about a backhanded compliment. To be honest, I wasn’t really asking how you would’ve written the screenplay. I appreciate constructive criticism as much as the next person, but you don’t have to be so condescending about it. I’m starting to strongly reconsider letting you come on as my co-writer.
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    Wait, did you even read my screenplay?

    If you didn’t have time to get around to it, you could’ve just told me the truth. I’m not gonna get mad—we’re friends. Here, I have another copy with me—you could literally read it right now and I could just hang out for a while so we can talk about it afterward! Thanks again, it means a lot to me that you’re doing this.
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    “Give up?”

    What the hell?! I poured my heart out onto those pages, and you tell me to give up on my dream? Oh, I’m sorry, how many screenplays have you completed? Is it zero? You know what—every great writer faces rejection from people who aren’t ready for edgy new ideas. It's people like you who are keeping newcomers from reinvigorating cinema. Next, I suppose you'll tell me that I need to move to Los Angeles.

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