Sure You Wanna Order The Ribs? $19… Pretty Steep

Damn, those ribs are kinda pricey. You sure that’s really what you want to get? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. 1. Nineteen bucks for just a plate of ribs? Yikes… sounds pretty expensive. Is that definitely what you’re craving right now?
  2. 2. Do you think the ribs are, like, famous here or something? That would explain why they’re kind of expensive. But if they’re just regular ribs, $19 seems like a lot.
  3. 3. Have you checked out the back of the menu yet? The pulled pork looks good, and you get to choose your sides.
  4. 4. Listen, this isn’t about being cheap. If you want to treat yourself tonight, go for it! But why splurge on ribs? If you’re at the point where you’re dropping nineteen bucks, you might as well spend a few dollars more and get something that’s really worth the price. They have a steak for $21. Maybe order that.
  5. 5. I guess you could just eat half of the ribs tonight and then the other half tomorrow. Then it’s like you’re paying $9.50 per meal. But ribs really aren’t going to reheat well… Can you even microwave them, since they have bones?
  6. 6. Remember: It’s not really just $19, once you factor in tax and tip. That’s actually a $25 plate of ribs when all is said and done, which is insane. Personally, I’m probably going to get the pulled pork. It’s only $11. If you order something in a similar price range, I’d be down to just split the check down the middle, because that would make things easier for the server. But if you do want to do the ribs, that’s totally fine, but I’ll probably ask him for separate checks because the pulled pork is almost half the price. Hope that’s cool.
  7. 7. Wow, the waiter just brought that lady the ribs, and the portion doesn’t seem that big. For nineteen bucks, you’d think it’d be a pretty huge serving. Like, maybe something a few people could share.
  8. 8. Hey, the burgers are pretty cheap, plus they come with fries.
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    Damn, Looks Like You’re Going For It

    Wow, big spender over here! Nineteen dollars seems like a lot since this isn’t even a special occasion, but you seem pretty damn determined to try the ribs. Hey, to each their own. Hope it’s worth it…
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    Look, If You Really Want The Ribs, Just Get The Ribs

    No one is trying to talk you out of getting the ribs if that’s what you really want. The pulled pork does seem like a better deal, but if you’re going to be disappointed when it comes to the table, there’s no point ordering it. If you want the ribs, just get them. It’s your funeral.
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    It Doesn’t Matter How Good They Are, Nineteen Bucks Is Just Way Too Much For Ribs

    Yeah, unless those ribs were made by Bobby Flay himself, they sound like a total fucking rip-off. Maybe just order a couple sides so the waiter doesn’t get mad, and then make yourself a sandwich when you get home.

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