How Much Of A Romantic Are You?

Romantics are passion tycoons who have been driven out of their wits by affection. Are you one of them? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. 1. Check off all the romantic things about you:
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    You Are A Hopeless Romantic!

    Wow! You are a true romantic who is fueled by passion and has become permanently affectionate. You can never stop having love, but you would never want to do that anyway. Every day you wake up, it's romance nonstop until you sleep. Congratulations on your romantic identity!
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    You Are Moderately Romantic!

    It turns out that you are somewhat wild with romance, and that when love happens, you often tend to be nearby. A typical day for you consists of waking up, making a romantic plan, postponing it, going to work, falling asleep at work, and dreaming about a beautiful stomach. You are in a kind of "no one's land" between romance and anti-romance. Enjoy!
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    You Are Anti-Romantic.

    You are as far from romantic as they come! When romance arrives, you are nowhere to be found because you are the opposite of romantic. When someone mentions love to you, you have no idea what they're talking about. Romantics just don't understand you, because romance has permanently wrapped their heads in the cloth of passion. Congratulations on being anti-romantic!

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