Can You Help The Janitor Put Together A Showstopping Presentation To Give On Parent-Teacher Night?

Parent-teacher night is coming up, and the janitor is going all in on a presentation that will completely blow everyone away. Do you think you have what it takes to help him out?

  1. 1. The janitor doesn’t usually participate in parent-teacher night, but he’s dead set on getting in the mix this year and making a huge impression. So firstly, what do you believe is the single most important quality that will make his presentation steal the show?
  2. 2. The janitor wants to blow everyone away with something huge right off the bat, but is struggling with PowerPoint because his computer is from 2006. What PowerPoint effect would you suggest he put in the beginning of the slideshow to set the tone right away?
  3. 3. The janitor thinks it’d be a good idea to pick one central theme and have it written out in big letters at the top of every PowerPoint slide so the parents don’t get lost, but isn’t sure which one to go with. Which would you suggest?
  4. 4. The janitor wants to introduce himself in a badass way with a little song in the melody of the opening lines of “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. Which lyrics would you suggest he goes with?
  5. 5. The janitor wants to explain all of the goals that he has for the students this year, but there are so many that he’s having trouble articulating them all. Which three umbrella categories do you think he should use to stay organized?
  6. 6. The janitor has been playing around with some PowerPoint effects and has figured out how to make a strobe light go off on the screen every couple of slides. Do you think he should keep it or nix it?
  7. 7. The janitor appreciates your input, but he’s going to use the strobe lights no matter how you went on that last one, and has even added a few more because he loves them. He’s also looking to add some more fun effects to really make the whole thing pop. Which of these additions would you suggest?
  8. 8. The janitor wanted to have the principal make a surprise appearance during the presentation to vouch for how hard the he’s been pushing to get “uses for huge clear trash bags” included in the state’s health-class curriculum, but the principal does not answer his text messages, so he’s thinking about getting his brother to do the cameo instead. What do you think?
  9. 9. The janitor just got a top-of-the-line floor buffer and wants to show it off to the parents to prove that their kids are in good hands, but he isn’t sure how he should go at it. What would you suggest?
  10. 10. The janitor is thinking about scrapping the whole PowerPoint so far and going with a salvation-themed presentation instead, which makes it sound like the janitor was watching church on TV earlier today on that channel that plays church on TV, and it’s pretty stuck in his mind. Thoughts?
  11. 11. And lastly, the janitor has never spoken in front of a large group of people and is nervous. What advice would you give him before he gets out there to blow them away?
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    You Did A Good Job Of Helping The Janitor!

    Nice! The janitor’s presentation pretty much went as well as it could have, which means that it ended with a smattering of golf claps from the parents and the janitor pumping his arms overhead. With your knack for all things janitor- and public speaking-related, maybe someday you’ll give your very own janitor presentation on parent-teacher night!
  • Results for Can You Help The Janitor Put Together A Showstopping Presentation To Give On Parent-Teacher Night?

    You Did An Okay Job Of Helping The Janitor.

    Look, it wasn’t the showstopping presentation the janitor was hoping for, but he pretty much set himself up for disappointment from the start with his own expectations. He’d never admit this to you, but he secretly thought this presentation was going to blow everyone away so much that each class would start including his picture on each of their individual classroom yearbook pages. That obviously didn’t happen, but at the same time, the janitor didn’t do anything to raise any red flags with the parents, and hardly any teachers emailed the principal to ask what’s up with the janitor, which is definitely a win. So congrats!
  • Results for Can You Help The Janitor Put Together A Showstopping Presentation To Give On Parent-Teacher Night?

    Your Suggestions Really Put The Janitor In A Hole.

    The janitor really thought this presentation was going to elevate him to that next level in the school community, but it definitely came up short of that. Unfortunately, more than a few parents emailed the principal about the whole thing, to which the principal responded, “I did not clear the janitor for a presentation, and I will get to the bottom of this.” The janitor’s not mad at you or anything and definitely just appreciates your help, so don’t worry about this too much. He’s already planning his presentation for next year, so no harm, no foul!

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