Brad Or Doug Pitt?

Feel like you’re seeing double? Let’s see if you’re a big enough Pitt-head to tell these two famous brothers apart.

  1. 1. Brad or Doug?

    Correct! This is movie star Brad Pitt!

    Incorrect. This actually isn’t successful businessman Doug Pitt, but his actor brother, Brad.

  2. 2. Brad or Doug?


    Incorrect. Of the two Pitt brothers, this is Doug, the younger.

    Correct! You’d know this famous face anywhere.

  3. 3. Brad or Doug?

    Nope! We see the confusion, but this is actually Brad’s brother, Doug, who did not appear in the movie ‘Se7en.’

    You got it! It’s well-liked philanthropist Doug Pitt, known for his charity work in Africaa passion also shared by his brother, Brad.

  4. 4. Brad or Doug?

    Incorrect. While it’s an easy mistake to make, this isn’t businessman-turned-philanthropist Doug Pitt on his way to work as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. It’s his similarly famous brother Brad, the star of such films as ‘Burn After Reading’ and the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ series.

    It’s him all right! Movie star Brad Pitt has been a household name for over 20 years. From ‘Interview With The Vampire’ to ‘Fight Club,’ virtually every moviegoer has been swept away by the skills of this versatile Hollywood legend.

  5. 5. Brad or Doug?

    Sorry, this was a tricky one. Peel back those latex wrinkles and you’ll find Brad Pitt the actor, not Doug Pitt the cycling enthusiast, who spends much of his free time speaking out on how cities could improve bike lanes for their citizens’ health and safety.

    Good eye! Underneath all that prosthetic age makeup, Brad Pitt is portraying the titular character from ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,’ for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

  6. 6. Who’s on the left?

    Oof, sorry. It’s easy to get the two confused, but this is actually Doug Pitt, who, while not a movie star, certainly has movie star looks and leads a life just as selfless and no less extraordinary.

    Nailed it! That’s Doug Pitt all right! Self-made entrepreneur and founder of ServiceWorld Computer Center, as well as the man behind the Care To Learn child poverty charity, avid photographer, and one-time viral video spokesman for Virgin Mobile. An all-around great guy.

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    Novice Pitt-Spotter

    Pardon the pun, but when it comes to identifying the Pitt brothers, you’re the one who’s the pits. Keep practicing and try again!
  • Results for Brad Or Doug Pitt?

    Experienced Pitt-Watcher

    Not bad! It’s not easy to tell the famous Pitt brothers apart, but you’d have a good shot at determining who was who if you were ever lucky enough to meet them in person!
  • Results for Brad Or Doug Pitt?

    Pitt Brothers Expert

    That’s some eye! You identified the correct Pitt brother in every instance—you’re either a true superfan or you grew up with them! Nice work.

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