These Koalas Are Refusing To Load In Support Of Net Neutrality

Cute, cuddly, and perpetually buffering, these slow-loading koalas are demonstrating in support of an open internet! Awwwwww!

This furry little guy is not fully loading to show us what will happen to the speed of smaller sites if internet carriers are allowed to charge for faster service!

Did somebody say conga line?! Not these koalas. Not until the FCC acts to defend a free and open internet.


This Koala refuses to be all, “So, am I a bear or what?”

“Ugh...Mondays.” That would be the perfect caption for this soaking wet koala if he had actually loaded.

OMG. This one’s the best. That’s what makes his refusal to load such a powerful indictment of paid prioritization policies.

How’s it hanging? We don’t know. That’s exactly the point that this glitchy koala on a tree is trying to make about the proposed changes to net neutrality.

This little professor has one last question: “Is this the world you want to live in?”

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