Police Or Army: Who Wore It Better?

Posted Aug. 14, 2014

Are we seeing double?! Nope, that’s just what happens when two of the state’s instruments of physical force bust out the exact same look. Time for a fashion face-off!

1. Kevlar Tactical Body Armor

Via Wikimedia / Getty

Uh-oh! Looks like the St. Louis County Police Department attended a peaceful protest in Ferguson rockin’ the same vest the army wore less than two months earlier in war-torn Afghanistan.

Verdict: Big fans of both, but the U.S. Army pulls it off a little better for our taste!

2. Riot Shield

Via Vaguard.dodlive.mil / Pbs.org

Two armed organizations, one outfit. Goes to show it’s not what military-grade combat apparel you wear; it’s how you wear it. Kudos to these officers for taking an international warfare–inspired ensemble and making it domestic!

Verdict: Local police, straight up owning it.

3. M84 Stun Grenade

Via Usmilitary.about.com /Rt.com

Oakland protestors got an up-close peek at this still-stylish accessory back in 2011, but as the fashion-savvy among them probably noticed, American troops had beaten them to the punch. The resemblance is really uncanny.

Verdict: Police. It takes real guts to go after the army’s trademark look, but these cops pulled it off.

4. Gas Mask

Via Military.com / Nypost.com

Hmm, maybe the army and this police department are a little too on-trend here, both sporting tear gas masks and even completing the outfit with identical polycarbonate visors. Hard to tell them apart!

Verdict: Gotta call it a tie. Either way, this design is trés soigné!

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