The Current Crisis In Gaza Explained Using GIFs From Previous Crises In Gaza

Words can’t even describe what’s going down in Gaza right now. Luckily, we have these GIFs from previous crises in the region that PERFECTLY capture the situation.

The high tensions that precipitated the current crisis are sooo 2012:

YouTube via meir oha

When three Israeli teenagers were abducted and murdered in June, Netanyahu was all like:

YouTube via Listitude

This GIF from 2006 is EXACTLY what it was like when Israeli forces searching for the kidnapped teens arrested Palestinians:

YouTube via Human1Rights1Press

But then Hamas up and did this:

YouTube via idfnadesk

And Israeli troops were all:

YouTube via ghengis john

Pretty soon the crisis blew up (hey, anyone remember 2008?):

YouTube via Atef Hajrus

...with airstrikes…

YouTube via Mr. Viral News

…and grief.

YouTube via don5i

Leaders say they’re trying to mitigate the damage:

YouTube via don5i

But so far, it’s just been more of this:

YouTube via CNN

We can’t even.

YouTube via Atef Hajrus

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