9 Impossibly Cute Animals Eating People Food, By Guest Aggregator Jonathan Franzen

Posted Aug. 13, 2014

1. This gecko indulges in a food unintended for his species, which is an amusing sight, but we must not forget that this is a creature of little volition, given to inexhaustible caprice and barbarity.

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2. A dairy treat has sullied this animal’s face. We do not fault him for his lack of cleanliness, much as we would not fault a child. His freedom from propriety is the cruelest of freedoms, as we cannot appreciate it when we have it.

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3. Is it selfish to delight in these creatures when so many of them will perish by some man-made calamity?

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4. When we experience joy, there is also sadness. The awareness that it will inevitably expire taints our happiness, but this coon has no such awareness.

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5. This animal is committing an indiscretion that I refuse to celebrate.

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6. Here a chipmunk does what little he can to survive. Though winter approaches like a locomotive, mechanical and unyielding, carrying death, the chipmunk believes that a peanut might save him. It is all he has.

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7. The humor in this photograph is an escape, an excuse for all that is wrong and corrupt. It gives us momentary respite from our desolation, and yet the desolation continues in our absence. In our acquiescence, we are culpable. Enjoying this photograph is almost an act of cowardice.

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8. What now? We’ve photographed this animal and fetishized him for his precious demeanor, and yet are we fulfilled? If we are indeed going to ogle him, would it not be more satisfying to see him pursue some greater achievement?

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9. Eating is an act that all living organisms perform daily. This photograph is in no way extraordinary.

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