7 Sloths Who Are Almost Too Adorable To Throw Off The Top Of The Chrysler Building

If these sloths were any cuter, they’d be too darn adorable to chuck off the roof of the fifth-tallest building in NYC!

1. This little guy’s so cute, you’d almost feel bad taking him up to the top of the Chrysler Building and flinging him into the air with all your might.

2. Don’t you almost want to bring this little fuzzball home with you instead of swinging him over your head a couple times before casting him over the edge of William Van Alen’s art deco masterpiece?

3. You practically don’t want to watch as this sloth’s body becomes an unrecognizable speck hurtling hopelessly to the ground. He’s just that adorable!

4. Awwww! Wouldn’t it just about break your heart to drop-kick this sleepy sloth off a building that was, for a brief period of time, the tallest skyscraper on the planet?

5. What a little charmer! It’d be hard not to feel at least a teeny-tiny bit bad about using a catapult to launch this baby sloth off the top of the Chrysler Building and into the East River.

6. This sloth’s smile is almost cute enough to stop you from dropping him silently and without ceremony off the tip of that pointed spire, watching as his body tumbles wildly down the ornamental tiers of the building’s exquisite crown until it careers over the edge and into the air, twirling spectacularly throughout its fatal descent to the earth. Adorbs!

7. Admit it: You’d think twice before tossing this hairy little charmer off a roof.

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