7 Robin Williams GIFs That Imperfectly Sum Up His Life And Career

Posted Aug. 12, 2014

It’s absolutely uncanny!

It’s just stunning how this one short clip fails to paint an entire portrait of a man who had 63 years of experiences and relationships!

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Shades of Williams’ deep wisdom are present here, but a GIF can only gesture at what Williams was. It cannot contain the man’s essence.

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Hard to believe how paltry a job this GIF does at capturing the subtlety in this, or any, Williams performance.

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It’s absolutely mind-blowing just how short this incredible GIF falls of encapsulating the full range and depth of a human life, with all its joys and heartbreaks.

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This GIF sums up pretty perfectly the frenetic performance style Robin Williams brought to his stand-up, but what about when the cameras weren’t rolling?

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This might literally be the best GIF of all time! Yet it’s still stunningly inadequate to fully encapsulate the endless vicissitudes of mourning. Just as we all experienced Robin Williams’ life differently, so we all are experiencing his loss differently. Yet we all retweet the same image ad infinitum, a one-size-fits-all sentiment that ultimately communicates nothing. From the endless nuances of our personal sadness, we all send up the same meaningless image as a token of our despair. The internet is a monster. It homogenizes grief. This GIF just doesn’t cut it.

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