7 Animals Whose Trust We Betrayed By Posting These GIFs Of Them Falling Down

Cameras caught each of these pets at their lowest moment, and we showed their shame to the world without thinking twice.

1. It took years to build a trusting relationship with Cookie, but we threw it all away the second we posted this.

2. Bandit is just a few weeks old, and we’ve already betrayed him by posting this GIF. How will he ever learn to trust?

3. Sorry, Marbles, but the fact is, you never should have believed us.

4. Dogs are man’s best friend, but the fact that we posted this GIF proves the inverse is certainly not true.

5. The worst part is, by looking at this list, you’re only reinforcing our decision to post these GIFs of animals at their most vulnerable.

6. We actually set Ralph up to fall into this pool. And now, we’ve taken advantage of him again by posting it so thousands of people can laugh at his misery. Sorry, Ralph.

7. No two ways about it: This cat will never look at us the same way again.

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