5 Barely Smoked Cigarettes That Could Only Have Been Discarded By Demigods Of Opulence

Perfectly good smokes, casually disposed of by those on the mountaintop of privilege.

1. This thrice-puffed cigarette almost certainly fell from the genteel lips of some high-bred lord with nary a second thought.

2. Imagine, for a moment, a veritable captain of commerce, strolling by amongst lowly supplicants and tossing aside this cigarette mere moments after removing it from the box.

3. For some lucky passerby this cigarette is a found fortune, abandoned as scraps by some unseen, unknown demigod of opulence.

4. What else would this Olympus-born being casually discard? The nourishing crust of a pizza? A twice-sipped can of root beer? A T-shirt with a mere single stain on it? Their excess knows no bounds.

5. Incredible.

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