15 Pets You Didn’t Know It Was Legal To Own

Sure, you may own a dog or a cat, but there’s a whole animal kingdom filled with unconventional creatures waiting to be your companion. Here are 15 pets you didn’t know you could own.

1. Fully dead stork

2. A ham with googly eyes glued onto it 

3. Armadiller

4. A stingray on a skateboard

5. The city of Allentown, Pennsylvania, enclosed in a glass ball and shrunk down so it fits in the palm of your hand 

6. An astronaut

7. Inside out fish 

8. A writhing ball of hands 

9. A hamster that’s been down a girl’s shirt

10. Mercury (planet)

11. Flightless cats

12. High-functioning Muppets

14. Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons 

15. A pretty good bird

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